wtf is corruptus?

Corruptus is a "image corruption" site. You upload a JPEG or a GIF image, it takes it, swappes some bytes and whatnot, fucks up the whole image up and shows it to you.

why would I want to do that?

I don't know. Maybe you want to some of those "broken video gifs". Maybe you want to see how your favourite jpeg looks like if you overwrite half of it. Maybe you have nothing else to do. I don't care, I am not here to judge.

photoshop refuses to open the fucked up images. it bitches about some segment length or something.

it does that with some images. if that happens, just right click it, select "Copy Image" (Firefox) then paste it onto photoshop.

what the hell happened?

I was bored so I made some changes. the old version is still available here.

what's new?

I've removed the 'classic' ("Low, Normal, High") and LSD modes, which were based on Corrupt™ by Recyclism. If you miss them, use the old version. Added BNNZ, Hell·O·Vision, Linus, and Line Shuffle modes. oh and this shiny, bad-ass new index page. yo.
Let's start, shall we?

First, select a JPG or GIF file:

Classic Modes:
These modes modify the image data itself. Although it can provide much 'realistic' corrupted files, they can also cause a lot of blank/unviewable images. These modes are (or an extension of) the modes that can be found in Corruptus 1 and 2.
  XC Mode a.k.a. Classic-Mode-Reloaded.
  Block-Shuffle Mode: a.k.a. Nearly-The-Same-As-XC-Mode

Non-Destructive Modes:
These modes create a copy of the image in memory on the server, and edit it. Although not as 'realistic' as 'Classic' modes, they can still provide fun shit. I guess.
  Hell·O·Vision: a.k.a. Green-Distored-Image-Maker
  Hell·O·Vision Extra (destructive, not recommended)
  Linus: a.k.a Das TV Scanline Simulator
  Line Shuffle: a.k.a less-damaging-clone-of-linus (recommended!)
  BNNZ Mode: a.k.a. Distorted-Image-With-Rainbow-Lines-Mode
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