wtf is corruptus?

Corruptus is a "image corruption" site. You upload a JPEG or a GIF image, it takes it, swappes some bytes and whatnot, fucks up the whole image up and shows it to you.

why would I want to do that?

I don't know. Maybe you want to some of those "broken video gifs". Maybe you want to see how your favourite jpeg looks like if you overwrite half of it. Maybe you have nothing else to do. I don't care, I am not here to judge.

photoshop refuses to open the fucked up images. it bitches about some segment length or something.

it does that with some images. if that happens, just right click it, select "Copy Image" (Firefox) then paste it onto photoshop.

what's with this "valid image" text on the results page?

"the image below is a valid image." means the image that follows is an image file that confronts to the gif/jpg specifications. (though this doesn't guarantee that Photoshop will like it, see above.) the image below failed the image test. means.. well the opposite.

who made this fuckery?

click here.
select an image: (max 500kb)

Damage: (usually "low" is the best.)
  Low (recommended)
  Normal (less recommended than low)
  High (might cause lots of non-viewable/blank images)

  LSD Mode (neu! - only works with gifs)
  XCM: eXperimental Corruption Mode (neu! has cool name! probably.)

corruptus uses a heavily modified version of
Corrupt™ by recyclism

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